Breeders of Top Quality Working Patterdale Terriers

Breeding worker to worker is our simple philosophy. We work our dogs in various terrain and situations. If they please us, we use them in our private breeding program. We do not often have Patterdale puppies for sale. When we do have a litter of puppies, surplus pups may be offered to the public. Our focus is not providing others with dogs. Our focus is to provide ourselves with good working stock, to improve what we have, and most of all have fun while we’re doing it! 

We are not experts, we find making mistakes as we go, and learning from them more rewarding. We do not claim to have the “best terriers”, we leave silly claims to others. We simply have good dogs that we like very much. Some good dogmen came before us to produce our foundation stock, and we will pick up the baton and carry on with their work. The Patterdale Terrier is a well made terrier for the task, and we see no need to fix what isn’t broken. 

Thanks to those who developed the original Patterdale Terrier Type. Thanks to those who imported them into the U.S. & worked them decades ago. Thanks to the men and women who’ve worked their terriers through to today. May we leave a Terrier that is just as functional as originally intended for future Terrier enthusiasts to come. Yours in sport, Warrior-Monk Hunt Kennels.