Patterdale Terrier Locator Systems - Bellman and Flint, Deben, Garmin Alpha

Dog Safety

When engaging in earthwork with terriers, a proper locating system is an imperative. There are various options available. We own two types. The Deben LRT System is functional and reliable, however I believe they are discontinued now in terms of product support. The gold standard in my opinion is the Bellman and Flint Terrier Locating System (See Link Below).

The B&F collars are well made and durable. They can be used with either the B&F locator box, or most standard avalanche transceivers. These transceivers can often be found used on eBay for a reasonable price. While some Terrier Men claim to hunt underground without collars, it is not recommended. We ask a great deal of our terriers so the least we can do is provide them with the proper safety equipment. If bred properly, these terriers are programmed to “stay until dug to”, and many are mute while working. Without a locator system you could dig holes for a long time and never find that terrier. You owe it to your dog to equip him/her properly if you plan on asking it to do a job for you.

Working Patterdale Terriers come in a range of sizes. Some larger types work primarily above ground. A good locator system is important in this case as well. For above ground work we use a Garmin Alpha and a TT15 Mini tracking/training collar. These systems have many features and are expandable. You can use this collar for training your terrier in recall, “off trash”, etc. Shortly after purchasing my system it helped me find a lost dog in a thick marsh, and reorient myself in thick cover. It’s proven to be worth the investment (See Link Below).

When researching and acquiring your Working Patterdale Terrier, inquire of your chosen breeder as to what equipment they own and use. This is a good way to determine what size dogs the breeder is focused on producing, as well as helping you determine if it’s truly a working kennel. 

Working Terrier Locator Systems
Working Terrier Locator Systems