New York State Apples 🍎 are the finest in the world!

Everyone knows that the finest apples on God’s green earth are grown in the great state of New York. We at  Warrior-Monk Hunt Kennels are honored to do our small part in assisting Orchard Owners with FREE agricultural pest control. Working Patterdale Terriers provide a poison and bullet free method of vermin control. Earth Terriers bravely enter the dark groundhog‘s lair, and serve eviction notices on behalf of hard working Food Producers. The Terriers enjoy being worked, and Food Producers appreciate less crop destroying vermin, providing a win/win situation for all involved. If you’d like to learn more about the worlds best apples 🍎 please check out the link provided for the New York Apple Association, or NYAA. 


Working Terriers are a green alternative to other methods of vermin control employed in many agricultural settings. No poison. No bullets. Just happy working dogs.