Warrior-Monk Working Patterdale Terrier Puppies

Patterdale Terrier Puppies. Warrior-Monk Line.

Litters are Never bred for profit

All breedings that take place at our Kennel are for the purposes of providing ourselves with superior working stock, to improve upon what we have, and to preserve the Working Patterdale Terrier.


Puppies receive Quality care, and are well socialized from day one.

All Warrior-Monk Terriers are hand reared in the house. They are handled daily, and exposed to normal household noises and activities. Each pup is socialized with children. We strive to produce Terriers with good nerves prepared to behave appropriately in a variety of settings. A “good all ‘rounder” with a focus on earthwork is our Kennel Standard, and working ability is of paramount importance. 


Surplus Warrior-Monk Patterdale Terrier Puppies may be offered to the public on rare occasions.

On the rare occasion when we let puppies go to the public from our program, we prefer them to go to Working Homes. We produce extremely high drive dogs. They simply won’t be happy unless they’re allowed to work a job. They require lots of attention, and training to develop into their full potential. We invest an incredible amount of time in our dogs, and wish to see them thriving in nature, not tied in a yard or stuck in a kennel crate. We are extremely selective, some might say impossible, but you can inquire if you’re interested. Thanks for looking, and Happy Hunting!